Service is not a Department it’s an Attitude

WE ARE A DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY IN UGANDA Our Services Will Help Your Business Grow In Sales, Brand And Influence


Our Services

We are a full Digital Agency that provides a full suite of Internet/Digital Marketing Services and Design, among which are the following;

App Development

We develop native apps for iOS and Android platforms that ensure matchless user experience and performance.

Web Development

Make a statement with modern web design services designed to grow your business.

Graphic Design

Need an infographic? Landing page designs? Maybe an interactive graphic? Check out our graphic design services and find out how we can help you!

Features Of Nisoft Solutions



A Ugandan Marketing Agency to help you build a great Online Presence for your business. Expect the best ROI.


We build brands through strategically focused identities, campaigns and digital design solutions.

Public Relations - PR

Public Relations is our lifeblood. B2B, B2C, Any2Any. We have implemented hundreds of campaigns for a great variety of target groups – from product launches to social policy. We can help you develop topic focused campaigns that influence your target audience.

How we work

We Keep Working Until the Work Gets Done

With our endless curiosity, we´re the innovative digital company, We’re not your typical marketing agency In fact, consultancy is only a small part of what we do. Every brand and business is on a digital journey with varying needs and challenges. Our team of senior marketing practitioners – with extensive backgrounds at world-leading brands, agencies, small businesses and startups – deliver value at every level, building and strengthening your digital capability across a range of digital marketing disciplines.


Our approach – relentless pursuit of digital excellence

We’re passionate about digital, and relentless about getting the details right. One of our first questions will always be to understand the objectives of any strategy, idea or practice you have. We’ll then ask the difficult questions (you’ll find us quite straight talking) and help you implement what might be quite challenging solutions.


Our relationship with you

Our goal is not to get you on board with an expensive retainer arrangement and then sell additional services on top. We don’t even have the usual Account Director, Account Manager and Account Exec structure. Digital project management. Each project is allocated to a Lead Consultant with the appropriate skills and experience to your project who will bring in other Digiterati as required. Like this 2+2 can end up being 5 or more as we pool our collective expertise for client work.


Complete Project

We are always greatly pleasured when a job is done, and 100% satisfaction is what the customer is giving us. I know we can achieve it with you too.